Search Engine Optimization has become a big deal for most companies today. This can be attributed to the fact that the internet has become a huge part of our day-to-day lives.  Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Larby Amirouche keeps his ear to the ground.  The following are where his team has found helpful information in the past.

In a world that’s becoming more and more competitive online, we can’t help but ask, “What are the best active SEO forums in 2020?”

What is an SEO Forum/Community?

An SEO Forum or Community is an online space wherein you can seek answers related to SEOs. There are various Pros in taking part in an SEO Forum, and some of them are as follows:

  1. Anonymity – Some of these forums allow you to remain anonymous as you ask your questions, reducing the risk of privacy breaches
  2. Availability of answers – Due to their nature as forums, a lot of your current questions may already have answers. This greatly reduces the amount of time you would spend in looking for information that you may need.
  3. Free information – Why spend money when you can get information for free? 

Larby Amirouche’s List of Best Active SEO Forums 2020 (with no specific order)

  1. Google Webmaster Help Community

Google is your friend. Literally. While you may always utilize Google for what it’s known for, its webmaster help community is there to guide you. The advantages of using Google is that:

  • You know that the information you get is more or less validated. 
  • It’s an established community that’s already well-known.


However, despite the fact that Google has “everything”, the webmaster help community only has four preset categories. 

This means that if you have a specific question that doesn’t fall upon these four, you might want to look for a different community.

2. Reddit’s r/SEO

Reddit is a website that houses millions upon millions of members. It’s a mash of communities brought together under a url. 

If you’ve thought about it, Reddit has a corresponding “/r” (or topic) for it. Go for Reddit’s r/SEO if:

  • You’re looking for a specific question to be answered quickly
  • You’re worried about not getting answers for your questions

What you need to keep in mind while using Reddit is that you aren’t always going to be dealing with professionals in the field. 

A lot of the people there are either sub-professionals, or people with questions like yours. You’ll have to learn the technique of wading through information and fact-checking.

3. SEO Chat Forums

SEO Chat gives you access to a ton of threads regarding SEO. Its user interface is really easy to understand, and the categories go straight to the point. Opt for SEO Chat when:

  • You have a general question
  • You don’t need a quick and complicated response to your easily answerable question.

Be careful when using this website though. Opening the site prompts your computer to warn you about certain privacy issues. 

If you dislike the thought of compromising your privacy, you may want to move along. 

4. Warrior Forums

If you’re looking for a more premium website with more support options, Warrior Forums is the community for you. 

A yearly membership will cost you $97 – granting you access to digital marketing courses, internet marketing tools, and aforementioned forum support. 

You don’t have to purchase the yearly subscription though, you can access the basic amenities by registering with your email. The basic access – albeit limited – is mighty helpful anyway. 

5. Digital Point

DigitalPoint is much like Reddit, wherein it’s a collection of topics. The main difference is that DigitalPoint deals with everything digital. 

While researching about SEO topics, you can quickly navigate through the topics and learn about AdSense and the like. 

The only downside to this website is that you will have to register using your Facebook account. This might turn you off as there may be a chance of your privacy being breached. 

However, if you find it as the price you pay for good information, then the choice is yours. 

6. BlackHatWorld

If you’re looking for SEO techniques and the like, BlackHatWorld has various tips and techniques for you. 

The advice that their members give can range from WhiteHat, meaning basic “legal” techniques to BlackHat, meaning ones that are frowned upon by Google. 

You might want to be careful in using this site, as BlackHat techniques might get you penalized. While it isn’t monetary in nature, the penalty might be that your article or website not showing up in the results at all. 

The best thing about BlackHatWorld, however, is the fact that you can rate the members, as well as see their ratings. This allows you to easily discern who to and not to trust. 

7. Quora

If you’ve searched for a question before on google, you’ve most likely seen Quora appear in the first few results. This is because Quora acts as a platform for questions and answers. 

Whatever your question may be, there will almost always be an answer for it. Granted that it’s much like reddit, wherein certain people don’t “feel” trustworthy enough, profiles can contain much more detail. 

You can use this if you have a difficult question that can’t be categorically answered. However, if you do have a basic question, Quora’s database most likely already has the answers to it. 



There are a bunch of other SEO Communities available out there, but if you’re looking for the best, look no further. 

This list contains some of the most highly regarded communities by Larby Amirouche himself. As a pioneer in internet marketing and e-commerce, you’ll be able to rest easy trusting in these sites yourself. 

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